2018 is going to be my year of the mindfulness project.

It’s my #1 pick of all the personal projects I could take on next year.

What’s your best choice for a personal project in 2018? In this blog, I give you 10 suggestions of great personal projects to embark on that can make a difference to how you feel, think, show up or contribute to being your best self.

As your personal project coach and someone who gets the power of personal projects, I set you the challenge to think of the one personal project you could take on in 2018 that is going to;

a) get you one step closer to your goals

b) make you really happy

c) allow you to show up and serve and contribute at your next level

So here’s the deal. We are all super busy, so it’s not likely that it is not going to be convenient nor easy to take on a new personal project, so you are going to have to find a pretty strong connection to it.

1. The ‘Mindfulness’ Project

Mindfulness is one of the most accessible tools we have at our disposal and it’s free.

This is my top pick for 2018 because I know  I can still get a little stressed out at life every now and then and I know the power of mindfulness. In fact, I am surrounded by people who are into mindfulness and we all need to work on it every day. It’s a simple, but daily practice and once you start, you will wonder why you didn’t do this earlier

So my mindfulness project for 2018 is to interview 12 (one a month) diverse people who are helping others bring mindfulness into their lives and not just find out what they are doing, but how they are doing it and share it with the world, starting January 2018. These interviews will go out on my new podcast – Projects We Like.

As the part-time COO of a non-profit, GIFT (www.bethegift.org), I am fortunate to be working alongside an amazing collective of mission-driven people and so I get to hang out with them and help drive outcomes for a range of projects and initiatives that can help a lot of people. But interviewing the people I respect so much…well that’s a whole other level. That’s the real stretch for me. I have never interviewed someone before and I have never put together a podcast before, so this is going to be a little daunting. But daunting is good, right? Right? To get this project over the line it will be necessary for me to get out of my own way, believe in myself and have some courage to do something I have never done before.  Yikes! I promise I will keep you updated as I go.


2.  The ‘Get Your Chef On’ Project

Fancy a bit of portobello ravioli. or some goat cheese calamari. What about a decadent chocolate mousse or the perfect poached egg with a beetroot hummus on sourdough

This project pick definitely has some good side benefits and it’s all experiential.Maybe it time to get your chef on and learn some new meals. This project can be started anytime and ideally set your sights on perhaps one new meal a week. Indulge your taste buds and practice your skills with kitchen gadgetry. Invite friends and family over to enjoy the results of your project efforts and share a beautiful meal.

Maybe it time to get your chef on and expand your repertoire and learn to cook some new meals. This project could start with setting your sights on perhaps creating one new meal a week or indulging your taste buds with a sampler of new biscuits or even trying out and mastering some new kitchen gadgetry like a slow cooker or a cold drip coffee contraption!. Invite friends and family over to enjoy the results of your project efforts and share a beautiful experience through the beauty of a home cooked something.

3.The ‘Travel’ Project

Is it time to check out a new place? Go visit friends somewhere else. What would it take for you to plan a trip somewhere? This project is exciting because the outcome is very real and you really want it to happen. The outcome is very enjoyable (or at least that’s the intention)

4. The ‘Side’ Project

Start something on the side and see where it takes you. Often times we get to express ourselves, our real selves, through our hobbies. you have a need to give or make a contribution

5. The ‘Get Committed’ Project

Get up to date with your health check-ups. Find a friend and make a lunch date 3 months from now and make it conditional that you have had all your health check-ups before turning up for lunch. A little accountability on our health is a good thing!

6. The ‘Personal Best’ Project

Find something you love to do or participate in and work out what your personal best performance might be in this area and set that as a target. So it’s time for a stretch. It might be to run or walk a certain distance in a certain time and whatever that takes to become more fit than when you started. It might be to set a personal best for the number of days in a row that you make your lunch and take it to work. Doesn’t matter what it is – just look for something that improves on your current performance. You never know – you might just surprise yourself on what you are really capable of doing. Have fun with this too.

7. The ‘Permission Granted’ Project

What are you waiting to give yourself permission to do? Why can’t you just say Yes to doing it? It’s time to simply give yourself to go ahead and do it. Stop listening to others

8. The ‘Simplify or Declutter’ Project

Ok Complicators or Hoarders – this one is for you.

Take a moment and simplify your life. Let things go

9. The ‘Money’ Project

Now here’s a good one. We all have a money project. Whether it is that we need to save up for something or we need to manage our finances better or we need to actually get some money.

Turn it into a project.  Set an intention, create a start date and an end date and go for it.

Here’s an example. Your money project might be to find an extra $100 per week to go towards a holiday you want to go on with friends. The holiday costs $500, so you have a $500 Money Project now. How can you approach this? What do you need to do? If you treat it like a project you are more likely to get it started and get it done, rather than just leaving it as an idea in your head.

10. The ‘Unplug Challenge Project

Where’s your mobile phone right now? I’m guessing it is in your hand or very close by! Take the Unplug challenge and decide to turn off from all media and technology at least once a week for at least 3 hours. You might choose to do a whole day unplugged, weekday or weekend. It might feel awkward at first, but trust me, you will discover a lot about yourself and how you spend your time, if you do this and well out of some discomfort, great change and new habits can be formed.

You owe it to yourself to try this out.

Create the ‘Unplug Challenge’ So what’s your personal project going to be in 2018?