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Global Investment Foundation For Tomorrow (GIFT)

GIFT, a non-profit, is the vision of Sam Beard, who has spent over a half century transforming ideas into far reaching impact to improve the lives of millions of people. Sam has led, managed and chaired program for eight U.S. presidents over a distinguished 50 year career. After a personal crisis at age 75 created debilitating stress, Sam found the solution in mindfulness and meditation.

GIFT is here to engage and transform the lives of one billion people through mindfulness over the next decade.

“Sam Beard is a friendly hurricane. He is a strong force for good who aspires to be a major global player in mindfulness while spreading peace around the world.” CHADE-MENG TAN, CO-CHAIR, ONE BILLION ACTS OF PEACE

GIFT Advisory Board
Happily, many of the world’s top scientists, psychologists, educators, business persons, spiritual and religious leaders, and self-empowerment trainers share the GIFT mission. They have signed on to advise and support GIFT.

The Board encompasses all ranges of diversity, gender, age, geography and background. GIFT is committed to a special emphasis on young and emerging leadership.

Under the GIFT umbrella, there are five key programs:

  1. Making Delaware The First Mindful State
  2. Bringing Mindfulness To Veterans with PTSD
  3. Marketing Mindfulness To Governments Around The World Through The Mindful Nations UK Initiative
  4. The 2018 Super Power Virtual Summit
  5. A Free Mindfulness Education Platform - The Global Classroom

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The Permission Granted Project 

The Permission Granted Project is a wish granting movement to women around the world who are waiting to find that inner voice and courage to say Yes to who they are and Yes to their dreams.

As women, mothers, business owners, teachers, leaders, influencers, creators, we often morph ourselves into whatever our environment needs us to be and we can lose sight of who we truly are and what authentically makes us up.

 We fade ourselves into the background and silence our hearts as the practical realities of survival and responsibilities take our focus away from what could be, what we truly dream about, what we truly want to do.

And we judge ourselves harshly for not being able to make it all happen

But every and then, in moments of clarity, we remember who we are and what we want and we see again ourselves in our true light. And surrounded by that light, we are limitless and fearless.

As fearless females, we need to give ourselves permission to be our true self.

As fearless females, we need to give our sisterhood, permission granted to be themselves also.

Let’s just say Yes, permission granted, to our hopes and dreams and pass it on to our sisters and let them know that we see them too and will say ‘permission granted’ to them, when they may not be doing it for themselves.

The permission granted project asks women to give the gift of permission to themselves first, then to others to be themselves.

  • Permission to be who you want to be
  • Permission to work as you want to work
  • Permission to care as you want to care
  • Permission to love who you want to love
  • Permission to lead as you want to lead
  • Permission to forgive as you want to forgive
  • Permission to laugh as you want to laugh
  • Permission to live as you want to live

The Permission Granted To Be Yourself (PGTBY) Journal initiative mission is to give away 10,000 journals to women who need to hear and receive this simple message  and you can help our cause in 4 ways;

  1. Simply say out loud or journal ‘Permission Granted’ to yourself and your female friends when you catch up and talk about your hopes and dreams
  2. Purchase a PGTBY journal for yourself
  3. Purchase journals for your friends and give them away and let them know that you will say ‘Permission Granted’ for them, until they are ready
  4. Purchase journals as gifts to one of the many PGTBY projects helping women around the world. We will find women who need to hear and receive your gift and pass it on for you.

50% of all proceeds from every sale of the PGTBY journals will go to giving away journals to women’s groups in disadvantaged areas and programs to know that they are not alone.

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