When entrepreneurs want to run fast, be creative and come up with the big ideas, Ali is there to put the foundational architecture in place to help bring their ideas into reality, without slowing them down!

Ali learned from experience that rising up the corporate ladder was ultimately unfulfilling without aligning with a strong sense of purpose, so she’s embarked on a mission to tackle projects that are close to her heart and bring advancement in global education and well-being. She formed her own enterprise, World Project Partners, to provide key services to the non-profit and social enterprise sectors on a local and global scale.

Ali Fowler lives in Australia and alongside developing the global platform that is World Projects, she is proud to be currently serving as GIFT’s part-time chief operating officer, a global non-profit reporting to Sam Beard, GIFT President, and creator and chairman of programs for eight US Presidents.

Ali is responsible for building the fast and agile engine room behind GIFT and collaborating worldwide on initiatives to elevate human behaviour through the power of mindfulness as part of an amazing team of mission-driven ‘force for good’ talent.

20 Things To Know
About World Projects

  1. We live and breathe the world of projects, business and personal, so we are here to serve you and help you get you and your epic project up and running and over the line.
  2. Our mission is simple: to make projects simple and do-able so you can go and play your bigger game… you’re welcome!
  3. We know its going to take getting your head and your heart in the same place, if you and your project are going to make it
  4. We co-create epic project partnerships, because together we can do more
  5. We know what you actually want is project delivery, not project management, so our focus is on getting started and then getting results that stick
  6. We know you need to get MORE done, do it BETTER and make it EASIER. Don’t let your projects go to custard! There’s a whole lot of people who have gone before you and made the mistakes. Let’s all learn from the wisdom of the crowd.
  7. We don’t just have project plans, we create project playbooks (what you want and how you’ll do it).
  8. We know there’s more than one speed on projects – SLOW, FAST, WAIT and PANIC
  9. We keep it simple. If your plan is more than one page, then it’s too complicated
  10. We know there’s more than one type of project and each type needs a different approach. There’s Have To Do (Pain Projects), Good To Do (Priority Projects) and Born To Do (Purpose Projects).
  1. We care more about humans, than tasks. We will always have a people first, project second culture
  2. We’re still hands on – we know we are only as good as our last project. We take on 1 – 2 major projects every year personally.
  3. We give away lots of project help for FREE. Why? Because if we make our corner of the world good and you make your corner of the world good and so does the next person, then all the corners of the world will be good.
  4. We are not just about inspiring you, we want to show you how as well. There’s plenty of social proof out there – ordinary people and businesses, doing extraordinary projects. But how are they doing them, you ask? Well, you are in the right place to find out.
  5. People say good things about us
  6. We know projects are a game of trade offs. Don’t get caught out not knowing what strategically you are prepared to trade off to get your project team and project over the finish line.
  7. We’re for projects and their owners because we know its rarely the projects fault…just saying. The best person for your project may not be you!
  8. We all have projects, so we may as well get really good at them
  9. We know your purpose plus the right project can change lives
  10. World Project Partners is a Gantt Chart free zone.

So it Is decision time.
How can we help you?

We offer:

  • 1:1 project coaching 
  • Simplification of communications and messaging
  • Group training and workshops
  • Creation of your project playbooks (a great tool for presentations amongst other things)
  • Project delivery services
  • Project partnerships
  • Opportunity to join a global community of people taking on life changing projects and share in the wisdom




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