- ALI FOWLER, Founder - World Projects

A woman on a mission to make her corner of the world good ... one project at a time .

“Ali Fowler is take charge and amazing. As an Executive Coach, in an instant, she will transform your BIG IDEA into the new reality.”
Sam Beard, Creator and Chairman of programs working with eight United States Presidents.
Sam Beard
President, Global Investment Foundation for Tomorrow (GIFT)

Alison’s Planning Day was an incredible opportunity to jumpstart problem solving a challenging issue that our not for profit organisation was experiencing. The structure made it so simple to identify the key aspects of the issue and create an extremely specific and targeted plan for the next six months. What I didn’t expect was how relevant the project structures and strategies that Alison presented would be for our entire organisation, from the board to our program participants. The tools were so concise and simple and yet have the ability to yield a high level result, it has really opened my eyes to utilising tools from the project world in the not for profit disability sector. In the weeks that have followed the Planning Day, our organisation has been able to effectively implement the plan that was created and have already adopted the tools within our Board of Directors. We look forward to trialling these tools throughout our entire organisation in the coming months and are very excited about being able to improve both the consistency and quality of our programs.”
Kate Heine
Managing Director, Heads Together for ABI


World Projects is my personal growth company to help people grow into their purpose and materialise it into something wonderful. I want to inspire you and show you how epic projects come to life and how you can do it too! And co-creating with others is beyond powerful, it's game changing.

"As Acting Chief Operating Officer for the global non profit, GIFT (Global Investment Foundation for Tomorrow), I am so fortunate to be working with Sam Beard and the amazing team of people across the globe who are all in alignment with the same purpose and that is "to spread the message of mindfulness and that everything you need to elevate your life comes from within'.  

It is such an honour to be part of this project.

 Ali Fowler

GIFT is the vision of Sam Beard who has spent over a half-century transforming ideas into impact, through tenacity and grassroots leadership. He has created, implemented and chaired programs for eight US presidents from Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Clinton, Bush and Obama. Among his noteworthy accomplishments include the creation of over ten million jobs in low income communities. With Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Senator Robert Taft, Jr., Sam launched the Jefferson Awards, an American Nobel Prize for public service and youth leadership. More than 20,000 students have been trained, resulting in more than 20 million service hours.In 2015, Sam won a lifetime achievement award from PeaceJam, the organisation headed by 13 Nobel Prize laureates dedicated to developing young leaders.Sam Beard is true visionary and has an innate ability to take on BIG IDEAS TO CHANGE THE WORLD and deliver. You can follow us at GIFT via


My book is to be released with Balboa Press (a division of Hay House), mid 2017.

IIt's for people who want to find the courage to go and do what they know they were born to do and stop talking themselves out of it.

Do what brings you joy and add value by sharing it with the world


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There are 3 types of projects in business and life. Find out more in my upcoming book "The 5 Ducks. How Projects Really Work.".

The everyday project we just need to get done

The strategic project to help improve or grow

The life assignment or legacy project

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Ali is a project expert who coaches, teaches, speaks and writes about 'all things projects' . Projects are in her DNA! Her passion is coaching and working alongside people whose projects can make a real difference.

Her purpose is clear - to make your projects simple and do-able to save your time, so you can go on and play your bigger game.

She has led, managed and delivered 100's of projects over a 20+ year career working with a diverse community of amazing project teams, heading up business improvement for a multi billion dollar retail company and staging live entertainment in 14 countries to name a few . And she is not done yet.

Ali is building an international network of mission driven entrepreneurs, non profit and 'profit with a purpose' leaders and business owners who have big visions and helping them build the engine rooms behind their ideas, so they can get to the start line, run fast and go make them happen.

To Work With Me

Step 1 Let's get it all out of your head. I'll work with you on  your ideas, strategies, mission, projects and challenges, and then prepare your personalised approach ( I call this 'the playbook' ) so that others can follow you and you can run faster knowing that the design is solid and then build on it as you go.

Step 2: Let's work together on one or more of your ideas and either use my experience and talent to be your team's project coach or sounding board or if you prefer, I take on selected projects as 'DIFM - do it for me'. In other words, I become your 'personal project manager' and join your team for a certain time period to get things up and running.

I work globally.​