Project delivery and business improvement expert. Projects are definitely in her DNA!
Founder & CEO, World Projects

When entrepreneurs want to run fast, be creative and come up with the big ideas, Ali is there to put the foundational architecture in place to help bring their ideas into reality, without slowing them down!

Ali learned from experience that rising up the corporate ladder was ultimately unfulfilling without aligning with a strong sense of purpose, so she’s embarked on a mission to tackle projects that are close to her heart and bring advancement in global education and well-being.  She formed her own enterprise, World Project Partners, to provide key services to the non-profit and social enterprise sectors on a local and global scale.

Ali Fowler lives in Australia and is proud to be currently serving as GIFT’s part-time chief operating officer, a global non-profit reporting to Sam Beard, GIFT President, and creator and chairman of programs for eight US Presidents. Ali is responsible for building the fast and agile engine room behind GIFT and collaborating worldwide on initiatives to elevate human behavior through the power of mindfulness as part of an amazing team of mission-driven ‘force for good’ talent.

You can find out more about GIFT’s Vision here

“Ali Fowler is take charge and amazing. As an Executive Coach, in an instant, she will transform your BIG IDEA into the new reality”

Sam Beard, Creator and Chairman of programs working with eight United States Presidents.

“Alison’s Planning Day was an incredible opportunity to jumpstart problem solving a challenging issue that our not for profit organisation was experiencing. The structure made it so simple to identify the key aspects of the issue and create an extremely specific and targeted plan for the next six months. What I didn’t expect was how relevant the project structures and strategies that Alison presented would be for our entire organisation, from the board to our program participants. The tools were so concise and simple and yet have the ability to yield a high level result, it has really opened my eyes to utilising tools from the project world in the not for profit disability sector. In the weeks, that have followed the Planning Day, our organisation has been able to effectively implement the plan that was created and have already adopted the tools within our Board of Directors. We look forward to trialling these tools throughout our entire organisation in the coming months and are very excited about being able to improve the consistency and quality of our programs”

Kate Heine, Managing Director, Heads Together for ABI

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